Kyo no Tanabata 2017

Kyo no Tanabata/京の七夕 is a collection of events held in early August,

when Tanabata/七夕 falls in the lunar calendar. The theme of the events is “Wishes,”

in honor of the tradition of “making a wish once a year” at Tanabata.

Horikawa site will offer romantic illumination such as the “Milky Way of Light/光の天の川,”

which replicates the beautiful Milky Way full of stars, and the “Yuzen Nagashi of Light/光の友禅流し,”

which makes Yuzen Kimono-silks more beautiful with light on Horikawa River.

京の七夕1 友禅流し

Another site, Kamogawa site, will be decorated with the “Furinto/風鈴灯,” a wind chime,

and you can enjoy  illuminated bamboo shoots.


Many temples and shrines in the area will have Tanabata decorations at special nighttime admissions.

Come and join the summer festival of Kyoto!