GION Festival in Kyoto

Gion Festival in July

Gion Festival is one of Japan’s three largest festivals which belong to Yasaka Shrine and

has been developed with life of Kyoto people. The festival lasts for about a month.


The origin of the festival began about 1,100 years ago.

When bad plaque spread around the capital (Kyoto at the time),

people prayed for getting rid of the illness by building 66 floats

which was the same number of the provinces in Japan.

The best highlight of the festival is the Yama-Hoko Junko grand procession.


The Preceding Festival procession are held on 17th, and the Latter Festival procession on 24th.

29 floats out of 33 are designated as the important intangible cultural properties.

Yama-hoko (floats) beautifully decorated with exquisite woven fabric, dyed textiles and sculptures

parade in the center of the city on the fixed two days.


You will enjoy light-up floats in the evening during three days before each procession.