Japanese Cultural Experience at Sakura Urushi-tei

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Japanese Court Music Concert

~Music of a Thousand of Years and Kyoto style home cooking~

We hold Gagaku concert once in a few months.


Fee:2,000yen (adv.) 2,500yen (door.)

Venue: Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura Urushitei lobby


♪ About Gagaku ♪

Japanese gagaku was established around the year 900, during the Heian era (794ー1192), and since then its traditional performances have been given mainly at the Imperial Court (in Kyoto), Nanto (in Nara), and Shitennoji (in Osaka), which are known as Sanpogakuso (three main music institutes). Y0u can sometimes hear it being played at shrines during special events, but it is even more rare to see a live performance.

Come to the Gagaku Concert to experience and learn more about the tradition of Japanese Imperial Court Music and enjoy authentic Kyoto home-cooking!