Kurama-no-Himatsuri/Fire Festival in October

Kurama no Hi Matsuri / Fire Festival

The Kurama Fire Festival is an annual festival of Yuki-jinja shrine on October 22nd.

It is said that the festival conveys villagers welcoming the divine spirit

moving from the Imperial Palace to Kurama in the past.

Lighting the Torches

It is one of the most famous fire-based festivals in Kyoto and

also considered one of the most eccentric events.

The main attraction of this festival is the procession through the village of Kurama

by local men bearing huge flaming torches.

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The torch bearers gather at the steps leading up to the Sanmon Gate.

Only selected men make their way up to the mountain to retrieve two portable shrines.

The portable shrines are paraded around the area and then enshrined in a temporary shrine “Otabisho.”

The festival finishes in the midnight

after the portable shrines are enshrined back in Yuki-jinja shrine.

Have fun at Kyoto’s spectacular festival !