“Aoi Matsuri” Hollihock Festival in Kyoto

Aoi Matsuri/Hollyhock Festival

The Festival is an annual festival / May 15th of two shrines,

the Shimogamo-jinja Shrine and the Kamigamo-jinja Shrine in the north part of Kyoto city.

It is designated as one of the three major events along with Gion Festival in July and Jidai Matsuri in October.

There are two parts to Aoi Matsuri: the shrine rites and the procession,

which are held throughout the month of May.

On May 3rd, a display of Heian period horseback archery,

aoi  yabusame

On May 4th, the purification ceremony of “Saio-dai” princess,


On May 5th, the ritual of the racehorses and so on.

aoi  kurabeuma

On May 15th, the well-decorated parade starts from Kyoto Imperial Palace

to the Shimogamo-jinja shrine and finally to the Kamigamo-jinja shrine.

The event is named “the Aoi Matsuri” since “aoi/hollyhocks” are offered at the festival and

all the shrine buildings and attendants are decorated with hollyhocks.

aoi aoi aoi

Come and see this beautiful festival !