Shinto Purification Ceremony in June

Nagoshi no Harae / Summer Purification Ceremony

Summer purification rites are held at shrines on the last day of the sixth month.

“Chinowa kuguri”, passing through a grass ring called “Chi-no-Wa”, is performed in many shrines

to wish for good health for the last six months of the year.

2茅の輪くぐり 茅の輪くぐり

And one throws human effigies made of paper (hito-gata) into the river

both to rid oneself of impurities and restore purity.

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In Kyoto, there is a habit of eating the Japanese confectionery called ‘Minazuki’ in the Nagoshi no harae.

The shape of sweet-rice-jelly means an ice to forget the summer heat and

the beans on top to drive away evil spirits.


Come and join a traditional Kyoto custom!