About Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura.Hongan-G

In March 2009, Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura welcomed its first guests at Butsuguyacho, a town across the gates of Nishi-Honganji temple. Kyoto is an ancient city where traces of history are still very much alive. Every town in this city is full of unique and deeply historical sceneries. Since we made this place our home, we learned many things and experienced countless wonderful encounters, all of which were possible only because of this very special city. With our continued appreciation and respect for this community, we will strive to welcome every one of our guests with our warm and friendly Kyoto hospitality.

Rooms and Facilities


In the lobby looking into the inner garden is our magnificent table made out of a single plate of keyaki, or Japanese zelkova wood. In addition to enjoying breakfast being served here, our guests are welcome to hang out and chat with each other anytime in this leisurely atmosphere. Cultural events to experience Kyoto everyday life are also held in this lobby.

Sukiya-style room

Japanese Sukiya-style rooms facing the garden are located in the eastern area of the first floor. Enjoy your moment of peace out on the wooden deck, or the engawa, and feel the beauty and subtlety of the four seasons transitioning in front of you.

Teahouse-style room

The teahouse-style room on the first floor replicates the “Bōsen” tearoom of Kohōan temple and the “Teigyokuken” tearoom of Shinjuan temple, both of which are located inside the Daitokuji temple complex in northern Kyoto city. These are both designated as Important Cultural Properties of Japan.

Standard room

All our 12 rooms have a 6 tatami mats room with a Tokonoma (a traditional space for hanging artwork and placing flower arrangement) and an Engawa (a narrow hard-wood section of floor).

Western-style room

Our twin bedroom is for two guests, and is a wooden-floored room with a Japanese-style atmosphere. We have 8 of these rooms for our guests who prefer wood flooring instead of tatami-matted floors (of which 4 rooms are equipped with an in-room kitchen).

Modern Japanese room

Equipped with a cozy sofa and arranged with Japanese-style decor, this room merges the good qualities of Japanese and Western-style rooms in one room. It is spaciously designed to accommodate families with small children or friends. The in-room kitchen comes in handy for long-term stays.