About Urushitei

What It Means to Inherit the History of Kyoto
On the same land that the long-established Ryuan Hatsusegawa used to produce its fine-quality Japanese lacquerware since 1792, “Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura – Urushitei” opens in 2015 as an annex to Kyomachiya Ryokan Sakura.
“Rather than making something for people to store in their collection, I aspire to make them their favorite lacquerware that they actually use often.” These are the words that the master of Ryuan Hatsusegawa said in a magazine interview. For a very long time, this place was where countless works have been made for people who love urushi.
And because we are opening our new ryokan in this historical location, the ryokan will bear the name of “Urushi.”
Inheriting Ryuan Hatsusegawa’s passion in producing lacquerware, we will strive to provide a truly enjoyable experience for all our guests.


Rooms and Facilities



Our lobby incorporates the qualities of Kyoto-style traditional houses to warmly welcome our guests. With a tour desk and a Pub & Café, the lobby is a place to relax as well as a multi-purpose area to provide information and to host cultural workshops and various events.
In addition, there is a private bath (reservation necessary / fee-based) available for overnight guests only.
Come by, hang out, and discover something delightful – this is the kind of place we imagine our lobby to be.
Shoin-style room

Shoin-style room

A simple Japanese room with natural wooden interior creating a sense of warmth in the atmosphere. We hope that you will be pleased with its easy-to-use design and the carefully-planned functional beauty in this 6-mat tatami room.
Kyomachiya-style room

Kyomachiya-style room

Incorporating qualities of a Kyoto-style traditional house, this room has a warm, inviting, and somewhat nostalgic atmosphere. The 7.5-mat tatami room is suitable for family or a group of friends.

Sukiya-style room

A teahouse-style room designed with the most excellent architectural skills and spirit of Kyoto carpentry. Relax and enjoy the unique décor in this soothing 8-mat tatami room.
Maisonette with garden

Maisonette with garden

There are 4 Japanese-style maisonettes on the top floor. The spacious ceiling and the splendid view of the rooftop garden creates a sophisticated atmosphere unlike any other room. Room service (fee-based) is only available in these 4 rooms.

Western-style room

We recommend our western-style rooms with hints of Japanese-style décor for our guests who prefer beds rather than sleeping on tatami-matted floors or who are visiting Kyoto on business.